Institutions, Schools, and Hospitals

REMISZ Consulting has experience in structural design, structural review, grading plans, and building condition assessments fora wide variety of institutions and where can i buy viagra projects requiring security clearances.

Current and Completed Projects:

  • Belleville School for the Deaf – various projects
  • Haiti Hospital – structural review of existing building, seismic and hurricane assessment
  • Brockville Hospital – building condition assessment
  • Brockville Psychiatric Hospital – structural review for renovation
  • Alta Vista Hospital Link – review of shop drawings and calculations
  • Lynwood Animal Hospital – seismic design for suspended lighting and support of hot water tank

Key Personnel:

  • Wojciech Remisz, Eng, M. Sc
  • Boris Uriev, Eng, M. Sc
  • Cristian Constantinescu, Eng, M. Sc

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